Our goal is simple: We want everyone at The Summit Church participating to help reach our community and fund this new opportunity.

We have currently raised 1.78 million dollars toward our overall goal. This means we’ve reached our first goal of 1.5 million and are ready to break ground and begin the construction process. However, we are still a long way from done… with 4 million dollars left to fully fund the building, now is a great time for you to consider how you will invest into our community through this campaign, letting them know you are For Northwest.

Unsure of how to begin? Explore the ministry area needs below and see how your contribution will help fund each environment. Each item represents the experience that comes with that item.  We hope these details inspire your financial giving, but take time to pray and ask God to show you how you can give sacrificially through this opportunity.

To participate, you can make a monthly pledge and/or give now.

Here is list of items that represent the experience that comes with that item.


  • Chair $200
  • 10 chairs $2,000
  • Row of chairs   $5,000
  • Baptism pool $7,000
  • Stage $35,000
  • Technology $500,000

Guests Services

  • 50 First Time Guest gifts $400
  • Check in area $5,000
  • Kitchen $8,000
  • Guests Services studio $15,000
  • Parking lot $50,000


  • Crib $300
  • Toys for one room $800
  • Chairs and tables for one room $1,500
  • Sound equipment for Peak $5,000
  • One Peak room $50,000
  • Peak Environment $300,000


  • Carpet Tile for a friend to sit on $40
  • Volunteer room supplies $500
  • Couch for small group room $1,000
  • Check-in computers $5,000
  • Small group space $8,000
  • Stage $10,000
  • KidSummit/Impact Theater $450,000


  • Gaming systems $350
  • Technology $3,000
  • Basketball court $5,000
  • Outdoor area $10,000

Kids and Students, We want you to do your part too. Find creative ways to earn some extra cash and help fund your ministry environments. Each ministry will be collecting the money each month to reach some specific ministry goals with some unique incentives for you. Your ministry director will provide more information.

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